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MCAT Biology Practice Set (1)

Welcome to your MCAT Biology Practice Set (1)

1-) Which photosynthetic pigment reflects yellow red light?

2-) Which of the following is an example for denitrifying bacteria?

3-) Which of the following glands secrete the FSH hormone?

4-) Which among the following processes results in dark coloured amorphous substance during decomposition in soil?

5-) By which of the following processes, does the exchange of DNA occur due to pairing of two chromosomes?

6-) Archaeopteryx belongs to the

7-) Spleen is an organ of which of the following systems?

😎 A region with high level of endemic species that is under threat from humans is called

9-) G protein receptors have

10-) Which of the following metals is responsible for Itai-itai disease?

11-) Which of the following produces angiotensinogen?

12-) Deposition of sediments or sediment accumulation is known as

13-) What is the inactivated X chromosome in females called?

14-) Lowest area of water body is called

15-) The type of petrification in which the organic matter of the dead body is replaced by double carbonates of calcium and magnesium is called