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Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services (ENARSI) : Part 02

Welcome to your Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services (ENARSI) : Part 02

1-) An associate of yours configured a PPPoE connection. You have been alerted by a vulnerability tester that by using a sniffer, he was able to learn the connection credentials.What type of authentication must your associate have configured on the connection?

2-) Examine the output of the show frame-relay map command:

Which of the following statements is true of the configuration of R1?

3-) You have a Frame Relay topology that is currently a hub and spoke using a single physical serial interface on the hub router with the default network type. OSPF is also running on the interface.

You execute the following command:

ip ospf network point-to-point

What would be the effect of executing this command on the serial interface of the hub router?

4-) An associate configured a serial connection on Router1 to use PPP with authentication. You execute the debug ppp negotiation command on the router and receive the following output:

Which of the following statements are true? (Choose all that apply.)

5-) Which of the following is NOT true of the PPP Session Phase of PPPoE?

6-) You have implemented an automatic 6-to-4 tunnel between the routers rtrA and rtrB as shown in the following network diagram:

The routers rtrA and rtrB are connected to two IPv6 subnets and are separated by an IPv4 network. You decide to verify whether the tunnel was correctly implemented using the show running-config command.Which of the following commands should exist in the output of the show running-config command on rtrA and rtrB? (Choose all that apply.)

7-) The exhibit is a frame relay hub-and-spoke topology with router A as the hub.

You want to use the OSPF routing protocol between all three locations. Which interface configuration commands are required on router A? (Choose three.)

😎 Which command shows only OSPF routes installed into the routing table?

9-) Which commands will prevent the local router from advertising the network out of the Ethernet 0/0 interface, while allowing all other networks to be advertised?

10-) Which of the following commands should you use to determine both the feasible successors and the non-feasible successors to a given destination network?

11-) An EIGRP network is configured with default settings for all the routers, shown in the exhibit. Traffic is not routing correctly.

What commands need to be run, and on which router should it be run?

12-) You need to resolve a route-selection problem in a redistributed network by increasing the administrative distance to several networks for a protocol, other than EIGRP or BGP, so that these routes will not be used. You create access list 5 to identify the relevant networks, and access the routing protocol configuration prompt.Which command will set the administrative distance to these networks to 220 for the selected protocol?

13-) Which of the following commands would reveal the K values configured on an EIGRP router?

14-) You instructed your associate to configure Router R2 to reject a redistribution of the network, while still receiving routes from other networks connected to Router R1. The diagram below displays the network in place:

When he is finished, you find that the network still being advertised and traffic from the network is not reaching Router2. You execute the show running-configuration command and see the following output:

What is the problem?

15-) Which commands will display the feasible successors, the feasible distance, and the advertised distance for networks learned by a router?

16-) You can use a variety of commands to verify and troubleshoot the operation of route redistribution on your network.

Which command should you NOT use on routers that are overloaded?

17-) You manage the company network, as shown in the network diagram below:

You executed the following command on RouterA:

routerA(config)# ip route S0/0 routerA(config)# router eigrp 200 routerA(config-router)# redistribute static metric 1000 1 255 1 1500

Which of the following statements are TRUE about the given set of commands? (Choose two.)

18-) Which show command displays the status of all of a router’s Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) connections in a concise format?

19-) Which of the following does the show ip eigrp topology all-links command display?