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General Knowledge CDL Practice Test (1)

Welcome to your General Knowledge CDL Practice Test (1)

1-) While driving, where should you be looking ahead of your vehicle?

2-) What is the greatest amount of play that should be in your steering wheel?

3-) Which of these is not a good rule to follow when caring for injured persons at an accident scene?

4-) You are checking your brakes and suspension system for a pre-trip inspection. Which of these statements is true?

5-) To prevent brake fade you should:

6-) What should you do before driving on mountains?

7-) Which of these is true about the use of drugs while driving?

😎 Backing of a commercial vehicle is

9-) The bridge formula:

10-) If you are being tailgated, you should:

11-) How much space in front of you is needed while driving on a highway?

12-) Which of the following system should receive extra attention during winter weather inspection?

13-) A full stop is required at a railroad crossing when:

14-) Which of these is correct about notifying the authorities after an accident occurs?

15-) Which of the statements about cargo loading is true?

16-) A car suddenly cuts in front of you, creating a hazard. Which of the actions should you NOT take?

17-) If a straight vehicle goes into the front-wheel skid, it will:

18-) The tread depth on a front steering wheels tires should be:

19-) Why might tourists be a hazard?

20-) Which of these can cause a fire?

21-) When going down a long or steep hill you should always:

22-) If your vehicle catches fire while you are driving, you should:

23-) Why does your vehicle speed naturally increase on a downgrade?

24-) Which of these can cause a vehicle to skid?

25-) Cargo inspections:

26-) Which of these is true about the proper use of a steering wheel?

27-) When do you need a helper to back your vehicle?

28-) Medicine used to treat the common cold:

29-) Which vehicle will have the most difficulties staying in its lane during strong wind?

30-) The center of gravity of a load:

31-) When driving through a mountainous area, it is necessary to use a lower gear in order to safely descend. Which of these factors does NOT affect your choice of gear?

32-) How the weight of the vehicle affects stopping?

33-) Which of these best describes how you should use the brake pedal on a steep downhill?

33-) Which of these statements about driving in areas with strong wind is true?

34-) In bad weather, many car drivers tailgate large vehicles. What should you do?

35-) Which of these is not required knowledge for a driver who needs a hazardous material endorsement?

36-) Where should the ignition key be during the pre-trip inspection?

37-) Which of these statements about backing a heavy vehicle is true?

38-) Which of these is NOT something you should do if your headlights are not working properly?

39-) You are driving on a straight-level highway at 50 mph. There are no vehicles in front of you. Suddenly a tire blows out on your vehicle. What should you do first?

40-) If you are not sure what to use to put out hazardous materials fire, you should:

41-) When driving through a work zone, you should:

42-) To prevent a load from shifting, there should be at least one tie down for every _____ feet of cargo

43-) High beams should be:

44-) There are two types of jackknife, they are:

45-) Which of the following statements about speed management is true?

46-) Convex (curved) mirror:

47-) You should wear a seatbelt in a moving vehicle:

48-) Which of these statements about a hazard of the vehicle fire is true?

49-) Can state inspectors inspect your truck or bus?