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Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) : Part 01

Welcome to your Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) : Part 01

1-) You are the network administrator for your company and have configured Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) in your network. You recently noticed that when devices send large numbers of CDP neighbor announcements, some devices are crashing. You decide to disable CDP on the router. Which command should you use to achieve the objective?

2-) Which is NOT a valid range for private IP addresses?

3-) Which of the following protocols allow the root switch location to be optimized per VLAN? (Choose all that apply.)

4-) Your assistant just finished configuring a small test network as part of his training. The network is configured as shown in the diagram below:

When testing the configuration, you find that Host A in the diagram cannot ping Host B.

Which of the following pairs of connections are required to be in the same subnet for Host A to be able to ping Host B? (Choose all that apply.)

5-) Which two fields are present in the output of the show ip interface brief command? (Choose two.)

6-) Which two modes are Cisco Internetwork Operating System (IOS) operating modes? (Choose two.)

7-) Which of the following accurately describes the purpose of a trunk?

😎 Which Ethernet LAN contention or access method listens for a signal on the channel before transmitting data, and stops transmitting if a collision is detected?

9-) What will be the effects of executing the following set of commands? (Choose all that apply.)

router(config)# router eigrp 44 router (config-router)# network router (config-router)# network

10-) Users on the LAN are unable to access the Internet. How would you correct the immediate problem?

Router# show ip interface brief
Interface IP-Address OK? Method Status Protocol FastEthernet 0/0 unassigned YES unset down down FastEthernet 0/1 YES NVRAM up up Serial0/0 YES NVRAM administratively down down Serial0/1 unassigned YES unset down down

11-) When a packet is forwarded through a network from one host to another host, which of the following fields in the Ethernet frame will change at every hop?

12-) Which Cisco IOS Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) command displays the IP address of the directly connected Cisco devices?

13-) Your assistant is interested in gathering statistics about connection-oriented operations. Which of the following should be done to enhance the accuracy of the information gathered?

14-) You are the network administrator for your company. You have installed a new router in your network. You want to establish a remote connection from your computer to the new router so it can be configured. You are not concerned about security during the remote connection. Which Cisco IOS command should you use to accomplish the task?

15-) You are configuring a WAN connection between two offices. You cannot ping between the routers in a test. The Serial0 interface on RouterA is connected to the Serial1 interface on RouterB. The commands you have executed are shown below. What is the problem with the configuration?

16-) Which Cisco 2950 switch command or set of commands would be used to create a Virtual LAN (VLAN) named MARKETING with a VLAN number of 25?

17-) What command would be used to verify trusted DHCP ports?

18-) R1 and R2 are connected as shown in the diagram and are configured as shown in output in the partial output of the show run command.

The command ping R2 fails when executed from R1. What command(s) would allow R1 to ping R2 by name?

19-) You network team is exploring the use of switch stacking. Which of the following statements is NOT true of switch stacking?