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DevNet Associate (DEVASC): Part 02

Welcome to your DevNet Associate (DEVASC): Part 02

1-) xAPI on a device can be accessed via which of the following protocol methods? (Choose all that apply.)

2-) Refer to the exhibit.

“aaaChangeSshKey” : {
“attributes” : {
“userName” : “ACME”,
“name” : “A”,
“data” : “ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAuKxY5E4we6uCR2z== key@acme.com”

An administrator is using CURL to change ssh key for the user acme. What happens when the operation is successful?

3-) A developer is using gNMI as part of the ongoing coding session. He configures gNMI set request sent from a client to a target to update values in data tree. What happens when a subordinate part of a transaction fails?

4-) What type of NAT translates internal address to publicly accessible addresses when an end-user connects to publicly accessible router?

5-) Refer to the exhibit.

clear ospfv3 1 vrf vrf1 statistics neighbor
RPC message based on the new ospfv3 yang model-



Which NETCONF action is represented in this YANG module?

6-) In Cisco APIC, an ACI fabric system has a fault managed objects. It contains a/an ____________ property that records the number of times a fault condition occurs. This property detects fault flapping in a managed system.

7-) Which of the following statement is true about Jenkins in Cisco CI/CD model?

😎 Refer to the exhibit.




Headers: {‘Accept-Encoding’: ‘gzip, deflate’, ‘Accept’: ‘application/yang-data+json, application/yang-data.errors+json’}



What will be the result of this?

9-) Which Cisco software tool offers scalable, extensible network design and simulation environment using the VM Maestro front-end?

10-) Which entity can be used to uniquely identify a network interface in a LAN?

11-) Which of the following steps are performed for enabling RESTCONF IOS HTTP services? (Choose two.)

12-) You have been tasked with developing a system that takes a recording of configuration files at a given point in time that will be archived and can be recalled. Which of the following should you implement?

13-) Which of the following issues are addressed with the deployment of Infrastructure as code? (Choose two).

14-) FIB tables that contains precomputed routes and reverse lookups are used in which type of switching?

15-) Which of the following line is the header of unified diff?

16-) Refer to the exhibit.

Which command is used by this patch request while configuring restconf protocol?

17-) How can network latency be reduced by moving processing closer to the data source?

18-) What steps can be performed when configuring gPRC telemery on Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series switch running Cisco IOS XE 16.xx using CLI configuration? (Choose three).

19-) Which git command shows you differences between your most recent commit and your current working directory.