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Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services (ENARSI) : Part 01

Welcome to your Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services (ENARSI) : Part 01

1-) Automatic 6-to-4 tunnels exist between dual-stack routers (A, B, and C). One router has the IPv6 address, 2002:D030:6BC0:173C::26:37D0/48Which of the following addresses is the IPv4 address of the router with the IPv6 address 2002:D030:6BC0:173C::26:37D0/48?

2-) You have recently joined a company as the network administrator. You have been asked to complete the configuration on the border routers for an automatic 6-to-4 tunnel between several IPv6 network domains. The commands that are currently configured on the routers are as follows:

ipv6 route tunnel interface tunnel ipv6 address tunnel source

Which of the following additional commands is required to complete the configuration of automatic 6-to-4 tunnel on the border routers?

3-) You have implemented IPv6 automatic 6-to-4 tunneling between three IPv6 subnets as shown in the network exhibit. (Click the Exhibit(s) button.)

You have used the following commands to implement the automatic 6-to-4 tunnel:

Your supervisor has assigned the task of verifying the automatic 6-to-4 tunnel to one of your colleagues. Your colleague runs the show running-config command and finds that incorrect IPv6 addresses have been assigned to the tunnel interfaces of the routers.

Which of the following IPv6 addresses should be assigned to rectify the problem? (Choose two.)

4-) An automatic IPv4-compatible IPv6 tunnel exists between two IPv6 networks. The two IPv6 networks belong to different BGP autonomous systems (AS). The tunnel source has the IPv4 address and the tunnel destination has the IPv4 address

Which of the following statements is TRUE about the tunnel source and tunnel destination IPv6 addresses? (Choose two.)

5-) Your company has implemented IPv6 addresses and routing on every host, server, and router. Recently, your company acquired another company that has an IPv4 addressing scheme for its entire network. The acquired company’s network does not have any support for IPv6. You need to devise a method so that the IPv6 hosts in your company can seamlessly communicate with the IPv4 hosts of the acquired company’s network. You do not want to install any additional routers, and you want minimum configuration changes on the networks.Which of the following is the best method to allow communication between the IPv4 and IPv6 hosts?

6-) You have implemented an automatic 6-to-4 tunnel between the routers rtrA and rtrB as shown in the following network diagram:

The routers rtrA and rtrB are connected to two IPv6 subnets and are separated by an IPv4 network. You decide to verify whether the tunnel was correctly implemented using the show running-config command.

Which of the following commands should exist in the output of the show running-config command on rtrA and rtrB? (Choose all that apply.)

7-) Which of the following statements are TRUE about manually configured IPV4-to-IP6 tunnels and GRE tunnels? (Choose two.)

😎 Which dialer interface command sets the maximum size of IP packets to 1492?

9-) Examine the following FIB table:

Which of the following statements is NOT true?

10-) Which of the following IPv6/IPv4 interoperability techniques routes both IP versions simultaneously?

11-) An enterprise has implemented an IPv4 addressing scheme on the servers of its core network. To effectively handle the increasing user requests to the server, the enterprise has plans to implement three new subnets with IPv6 addressing in its existing IPv4 network. The network administrator has set up dual-stack routers on the boundary of these subnets, as shown in the network diagram.

You need to ensure interoperability between IPv4 and IPv6 hosts such that routers A, B, and C can dynamically determine the destination of an IPv6 packet. In addition, global unicast addresses should be supported on all hosts in the three IPv6 subnets.

Which of the following tunneling method can be used between the three routers? (Choose two.)

12-) Which of the following statements represent characteristics of an automatic 6to4 tunnel through an IPv4 network? (Choose all that apply.)

13-) Examine the following output.

What possible reason(s) can cause the state of the first entry in the adjacency table? (Choose all that apply.)

14-) You have been alerted that TCP traffic leaving an interface has been reduced to near zero, while UDP traffic is steadily increasing at the same time.What is this behavior called and what causes it?

15-) Refer to the following set of commands:

Which of the following statements is TRUE about the given set of commands?

16-) Which of the following statements is TRUE concerning a 6to4 tunnel?

17-) Which of the following are valid IPv4 to IPv6 migration strategies? (Choose two.)

18-) You just discovered that a ping packet sent from one of the devices to another took a different path in the return than it did on its way to the destination.

What behavior caused this?

19-) You are configuring a 6to4 tunnel. You want to translate the IPv4 address to the IPv6 address for the tunnel.

What would be the correct translation?

20-) In the Active Discovery phase of PPPoE, which of the following is NOT verified by the Broadband Network gateway (BNG) to prevent spoofing?