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DevNet Associate (DEVASC) : Part 04

Welcome to your DevNet Associate (DEVASC) : Part 04

1-) Which of the following statement is true regarding MAC address?

2-) Which git command will create a working copy of a local repository?

3-) How can Cisco Advanced Malware protection be used to protect user devices and other systems on the network?

4-) Which type of HTTP method is used by the Meraki and Webex Teams APIs to send webhook notifications? (Choose two).

5-) How can status code be used as an element of response when building an application using REST API?

6-) What happens when a load balancer fails and causes service disruption that can be experienced from various clients connected to the server?

7-) Which of the following is the correct order of steps performed during test-driven development?

😎 In what type of API call does the callback function used to process the response from an API call

9-) What command do you use to launch an nginx container on port 80 of the host file system?

10-) Which protocols are supported by yang-notif-native transport protocol? (Choose two).

11-) Which of the following command allows client to connect to NETCONF ssh sub-system?

12-) Devices that implement the RESTCONF protocol should expose a resource called __________ in order to enable the discovery of the REST API root resource programmatically.

13-) With seek pagination, after_id and before_id queries, constraints of filters and sorting can be removed. What is the downside of seek pagination?

14-) What type of attack occurs when a web page is loaded, and malicious code copies the user’s cookies. The system then sends an HTTP request to an attacker’s web server, with the

stolen cookies in the body of the request. The attacker can then use cookies to access sensitive data?

15-) Which APIs are used build a custom captive portal for mobile apps along with the ability to configure network devices via Dashboard API?

16-) How can a developer access webex APIs during the authentication procedure? (Choose three).

17-) In Software-defined architecture, which network plane provides a router to route packets faster by using techniques such as fast switching or CEF switching?

18-) In which phase of CI/CD pipeline installing the new binaries in new servers, either physical or

virtual, and reconfiguring the load balancers to point to the new servers and monitor the environment to ensure that the new version worked as expected is achieved?

19-) pyATS is easily integrated in day-to-day DevOps activities and CI/CD automation pipelines. Which of the following are use cases of pyATS? (Choose two.)

20-) Refer to the exhibit.

#git init newrepo
Initialized empty Git repository in
#newrepo git:(master)

Which command should you use to create an empty file?