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CompTIA CySA+ Certification exam ( 4 )

Welcome to your CompTIA CySA+ Certification exam ( 4 )

1-) A security analyst is generating a list of recommendations for the company's insecure API. Which of the following is the BEST parameter mitigation rec

2-) Which of the following MOST accurately describes an HSM?

3-) A Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is concerned about the company’s intellectual property being leaked to competitors. The security team performed an extensive review but did not find any indication of an outside breach. The data sets are currently encrypted using the Triple Data Encryption Algorithm. Which of the following courses of action is appropriate?

4-) Which of the following types of policies is used to regulate data storage on the network?

5-) A security manager has asked an analyst to provide feedback on the results of a penetration lest. After reviewing the results the manager requests information regarding the possible exploitation of vulnerabilities Much of the following information data points would be MOST useful for the analyst to provide to the security manager who would then communicate the risk factors to senior management? (Select TWO)

6-) A company wants to reduce the cost of deploying servers to support increased network growth. The company is currently unable to keep up with the demand, so it wants to outsource the infrastructure to a cloud-based solution. Which of the following is the GREATEST threat for the company to consider when outsourcing its infrastructure?

7-) Which of the following BEST describes the primary role ol a risk assessment as it relates to compliance with risk-based frameworks?

😎 A malicious artifact was collected during an incident response procedure. A security analyst is unable to run it in a sandbox to understand its features and method of operation. Which of the following procedures is the BEST approach to perform a further analysis of the malware's capabilities?

9-) A system is experiencing noticeably slow response times, and users are being locked out frequently. An analyst asked for the system security plan and found the system comprises two servers: an application server in the DMZ and a database server inside the trusted domain. Which of the following should be performed NEXT to investigate the availability issue?

10-) A security analyst is investigating a system compromise. The analyst verities the system was up to date on OS patches at the time of the compromise. Which of the following describes the type of vulnerability that was MOST likely expiated?

11-) An analyst needs to provide a recommendation that will allow a custom-developed application to have full access to the system's processors and peripherals but still be contained securely from other applications that will be developed. Which of the following is the BEST technology for the analyst to recommend?

12-) An analyst identifies multiple instances of node-to-node communication between several endpoints within the network and a user machine at the IP address This user machine at the IP address is also identified as initiating outbound communication during atypical business hours with several IP addresses that have recently appeared on threat feeds. Which of the following can be inferred from this activity?

13-) Which of the following is the BEST security practice to prevent ActiveX controls from running malicious code on a user's web application?

14-) Which of the following data security controls would work BEST to prevent real Pll from being used in an organization's test cloud environment?

15-) A security analyst needs to assess the web server versions on a list of hosts to determine which are running a vulnerable version of the software and output that list into an XML file named webserverlist.xml. The host list is provided in a file named webserverlist.txt. Which of the following Nmap commands would BEST accomplish this goal?

16-) When attempting to do a stealth scan against a system that does not respond to ping, which of the following Nmap commands BEST accomplishes that goal?

17-) To prioritize the morning's work, an analyst is reviewing security alerts that have not yet been investigated. Which of the following assets should be investigated FIRST?

18-) Bootloader malware was recently discovered on several company workstations. All the workstations run Windows and are current models with UEFI capability. Which of the following UEFI settings is the MOST likely cause of the infections?

19-) While analyzing network traffic, a security analyst discovers several computers on the network are connecting to a malicious domain that was blocked by a DNS sinkhole. A new private IP range is now visible, but no change requests were made to add it. Which of the following is the BEST solution for the security analyst to implement?

20-) A security analyst discovers a vulnerability on an unpatched web server that is used for testing machine learning on Bing Data sets. Exploitation of the vulnerability could cost the organization $1.5 million in lost productivity. The server is located on an isolated network segment that has a 5% chance of being compromised. Which of the following is the value of this risk?