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CompTIA Security+ Exam SY0-601 ( 1 )

Welcome to your CompTIA Security+ Exam SY0-601 ( 1 )

1-) An organization has decided to host its web application and database in the cloud Which of the following BEST describes the security concerns for this decision?

2-)In which of the following risk management strategies would cybersecurity insurance be used?

3-) An organization’s help desk is flooded with phone calls from users stating they can no longer access certain websites. The help desk escalates the issue to the security team, as these websites were accessible the previous day. The security analysts run the following command: ipconfig /flushdns, but the issue persists. Finally, an analyst changes the DNS server for an impacted machine, and the issue goes away. Which of the following attacks MOST likely occurred on the original DNS server?

4-) A Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is dissatisfied with the level of service from the company's new service provider. The service provider is preventing the CEO. from sending email from a work account to a personal account. Which of the following types of service providers is being used?

5-) Which of the following would MOST likely support the integrity of a voting machine?

6-) A multinational organization that offers web-based services has datacenters that are located only in the United States; however, a large number of its customers are in Australia, Europe, and China. Payments for services are managed by a third party in the United Kingdom that specializes in payment gateways. The management team is concerned the organization is not compliant with privacy laws that cover some of its customers. Which of the following frameworks should the management team follow?

7-) A large enterprise has moved all Hs data to the cloud behind strong authentication and encryption A sales director recently had a laptop stolen and later, enterprise data was round to have been compromised database. Which of the following was the MOST likely cause?

😎 A small company that does not have security staff wants to improve its security posture. Which of the following would BEST assist the company?

9-) Which of the following utilize a subset of real data and are MOST likely to be used to assess the features and functions of a system and how it interacts or performs from an end user's perspective against defined test cases? (Select TWO)

10-) A global pandemic is forcing a private organization to close some business units and reduce staffing at others. Which of the following would be BEST to help the organization’s executives determine the next course of action?

11-) A security analyst has been reading about a newly discovered cyber attack from a known threat actor. Which of the following would BEST support the analyst's review of the tactics, techniques, and protocols the threat actor was observed using in previous campaigns?

12-) Which of the following would be BEST to establish between organizations to define the responsibilities of each party outline the key deliverables and include monetary penalties for breaches to manage third-party risk?

13-) A network administrator has been asked to design a solution to improve a company's security posture The administrator is given the following, requirements? • The solution must be inline in the network • The solution must be able to block known malicious traffic • The solution must be able to stop network-based attacks Which of the following should the network administrator implement to BEST meet these requirements?

14-) A security analyst needs to be proactive in understand the types of attacks that could potentially target the company's execute. Which of the following intelligence sources should to security analyst review?

15-) A security administrator currently spends a large amount of time on common security tasks, such aa report generation, phishing investigations, and user provisioning and deprovisioning This prevents the administrator from spending time on other security projects. The business does not have the budget to add more staff members. Which of the following should the administrator implement?

16-) A customer called a company's security team to report that all invoices the customer has received over the last five days from the company appear to have fraudulent banking details. An investigation into the matter reveals the following * The manager of the accounts payable department is using the same password across multiple external websites and the corporate account. * One of the websites the manager used recently experienced a data breach. * The manager's corporate email account was successfully accessed in the last five days by an IP address located in a foreign country Which of the following attacks has MOST likely been used to compromise the manager's corporate account?

17-) A development team employs a practice of bringing all the code changes from multiple team members into the same development project through automation. A tool is utilized to validate the code and track source code through version control. Which of the following BEST describes this process?

18-) A security analyst b concerned about traffic initiated to the dark web from the corporate LAN. Which of the following networks should he analyst monitor?

19-) An organization's RPO for a critical system is two hours. The system is used Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Currently, the organization performs a full backup every Saturday that takes four hours to complete. Which of the following additional backup implementations would be the BEST way for the analyst to meet the business requirements?

20-) To reduce costs and overhead, an organization wants to move from an on-premises email solution to a cloud-based email solution. At this time, no other services will be moving. Which of the following cloud models would BEST meet the needs of the organization?