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Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) : Part 04

Welcome to your Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) : Part 04

1-) Which of the following commands would instruct OSPF to advertise ONLY the network in Area 0?

2-) You are the network administrator for your company. You have a Class B address range and are planning for a network that allows 150 hosts per subnet and at least 164 subnets.

Which subnet mask should you use to accomplish the task?

3-) When the copy running-config startup-config command is issued on a router, where is the configuration saved?

4-) In the network exhibit, the routers are running OSPF and are set to the default configurations. (Click the Exhibit(s) button.)

What would be the effect of configuring a loopback interface on RouterA with an address of

5-) Which of the following NAT terms refers to a registered address that represents an inside host to an outside network?

6-) Which commands would you use to determine the IP address and hostname of a directly connected switch from which you received VLAN information? (Choose two. Each correct answer is part of the solution.)

7-) Which command produced the following output?

😎 Which Cisco command keeps unauthorized users from viewing passwords in the router configuration file?

9-) Which of the following statements are TRUE regarding carrier sense multiple access collision detection (CSMA/CD)? (Choose three.)

10-) You are the Cisco administrator for NationalAct Incorporated. One of your assistants is preparing to introduce a new switch to the network. Before doing so, you execute the show vtp status command on OldSwitch and NewSwitch, respectively, and receive the following output:

If NewSwitch is introduced to the network, which of the following will be true?

11-) Which of the following is a frame tagging method for identifying Virtual LAN (VLAN) memberships over trunk links?

12-) A packet is received with a destination IP address of

What would the next hop IP address be for this packet?

13-) Which cable can suffer attenuation if it is bent beyond the minimum bend radius?

14-) Which type of network connection requires a straight-through cable?

15-) What command would you run to determine which switch is the root bridge for a particular VLAN?

16-) Which of the following statements describes split horizon?

17-) Which of the following loop avoidance mechanisms drives the requirement to create subinterfaces for each point-to-point connection in a partially meshed frame relay network?

18-) How is load balancing achieved when implementing HSRP?

19-) Which Cisco IOS command would produce the preceding menu-based prompt for additional information?

20-) On a Cisco 2950 switch, which status LED and color combination indicates a Power On Self-Test (POST) failure?