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CompTIA Security+ Exam SY0-601 ( 4 )

Welcome to your CompTIA Security+ Exam SY0-601 ( 4 )

1-) A financial organization has adopted a new secure, encrypted document-sharing application to help with its customer loan process. Some important PII needs to be shared across this new platform, but it is getting blocked by the DLP systems. Which of the following actions will BEST allow the PII to be shared with the secure application without compromising the organization’s security posture?

2-) A manufacturing company has several one-off legacy information systems that cannot be migrated to a newer OS due to software compatibility issues. The Oss are still supported by the vendor, but the industrial software is no longer supported. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has created a resiliency plan for these systems that will allow OS patches to be installed in a non-production environment, while also creating backups of the systems for recovery. Which of the following resiliency techniques will provide these capabilities?

3-) A company wants to deploy PKI on its Internet-facing website. The applications that are currently deployed are: www.company.com (main website) contactus.company.com (for locating a nearby location) quotes.company.com (for requesting a price quote) The company wants to purchase one SSL certificate that will work for all the existing applications and any future applications that follow the same naming conventions, such as store.company.com. Which of the following certificate types would BEST meet the requirements?

4-) A network engineer needs to create a plan for upgrading the wireless infrastructure in a large office Priority must be given to areas that are currently experiencing latency and connection issues. Which of the following would be the BEST resource for determining the order of priority?

5-) An auditor is performing an assessment of a security appliance with an embedded OS that was vulnerable during the last two assessments. Which of the following BEST explains the appliance’s vulnerable state?

6-) A cybersecurity department purchased o new PAM solution. The team is planning to randomize the service account credentials of the Windows server first. Which of the following would be the BEST method to increase the security on the Linux server?

7-) Which of the following BEST explains the difference between a data owner and a data custodian?

😎 A consultant is configuring a vulnerability scanner for a large, global organization in multiple countries. The consultant will be using a service account to scan systems with administrative privileges on a weekly basis, but there is a concern that hackers could gain access to account to the account and pivot through the global network. Which of the following would be BEST to help mitigate this concern?

9-) A retail executive recently accepted a job with a major competitor. The following week, a security analyst reviews the security logs and identifies successful logon attempts to access the departed executive's accounts. Which of the following security practices would have addressed the issue?

10-) Joe, an employee, receives an email stating he won the lottery. The email includes a link that requests a name, mobile phone number, address, and date of birth be provided to confirm Joe’s identity before sending him the prize. Which of the following BEST describes this type of email?

11-) A website developer is working on a new e-commerce website and has asked an information security expert for the most appropriate way to store credit card numbers to create an easy reordering process. Which of the following methods would BEST accomplish this goal?

12-) Users have been issued smart cards that provide physical access to a building. The cards also contain tokens that can be used to access information systems. Users can log m to any thin client located throughout the building and see the same desktop each time. Which of the following technologies are being utilized to provide these capabilities? (Select TWO)

13-) The Chief Security Officer (CSO) at a major hospital wants to implement SSO to help improve in the environment patient data, particularly at shared terminals. The Chief Risk Officer (CRO) is concerned that training and guidance have been provided to frontline staff, and a risk analysis has not been performed. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the CRO’s concerns?

14-) Which of the following is MOST likely to outline the roles and responsibilities of data controllers and data processors?

15-) Which of the following terms should be included in a contract to help a company monitor the ongoing security maturity of a new vendor?

16-) A recent audit uncovered a key finding regarding the use of a specific encryption standard in a web application that is used to communicate with business customers. Due to the technical limitations of its customers the company is unable to upgrade the encryption standard. Which of the following types of controls should be used to reduce the risk created by this scenario?

17-) A forensics investigator is examining a number of unauthorized payments the were reported on the company's website. Some unusual log entries show users received an email for an unwanted mailing list and clicked on a link to attempt to unsubscribe. One of the users reported the email to the phishing team, and the forwarded email revealed the link to be: Which of the following will the forensics investigator MOST likely determine has occurred?

18-) The following is an administrative control that would be MOST effective to reduce the occurrence of malware execution?

19-) An organization's finance department is implementing a policy to protect against collusion. Which of the following control types and corresponding procedures should the organization implement to fulfill this policy's requirement? (Select TWO).

20-) When selecting a technical solution for identity management, an architect chooses to go from an in-house to a third-party SaaS provider. Which of the following risk management strategies is this an example of?