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CompTIA CySA+ Certification exam ( 3 )

Welcome to your CompTIA CySA+ Certification exam ( 3 )

1-) An information security analyst is working with a data owner to identify the appropriate controls to preserve the confidentiality of data within an enterprise environment One of the primary concerns is exfiltration of data by malicious insiders Which of the following controls is the MOST appropriate to mitigate risks?

2-) Which of the following BEST articulates the benefit of leveraging SCAP in an organization’s cybersecurity analysis toolset?

3-) An organization is upgrading its network and all of its workstations The project will occur in phases, with infrastructure upgrades each month and workstation installs every other week. The schedule should accommodate the enterprise-wide changes, while minimizing the impact to the network. Which of the following schedules BEST addresses these requirements?

4-) An organization that handles sensitive financial information wants to perform tokenization of data to enable the execution of recurring transactions. The organization is most interested m a secure, built-in device to support its solution. Which of the following would MOST likely be required to perform the desired function?

5-) A security analyst receives an alert to expect increased and highly advanced cyberattacks originating from a foreign country that recently had sanctions implemented. Which of the following describes the type of threat actors that should concern the security analyst?

6-) A host is spamming the network unintentionally. Which of the following control types should be used to address this situation?

7-) Which of the following software security best practices would prevent an attacker from being able to run arbitrary SQL commands within a web application? (Choose two.)

😎 A company’s senior human resources administrator left for another position, and the assistant administrator was promoted into the senior position. On the official start day, the new senior administrator planned to ask for extended access permissions but noticed the permissions were automatically granted on that day. Which of the following describes the access management policy in place at the company?

9-) A security analyst is investigating a malware infection that occurred on a Windows system. The system was not connected to a network and had no wireless capability Company policy prohibits using portable media or mobile storage The security analyst is trying to determine which user caused the malware to get onto the system Which of the following registry keys would MOST likely have this information?

10-) A cybersecurity analyst is supposing an incident response effort via threat intelligence. Which of the following is the analyst MOST likely executing?

11-) Which of the following are components of the intelligence cycle? (Select TWO.)

12-) A security analyst conducted a risk assessment on an organization's wireless network and identified a high-risk element in the implementation of data confidentially protection. Which of the following is the BEST technical security control to mitigate this risk?

13-) Ann, a user, reports to the security team that her browser began redirecting her to random sites while using her Windows laptop. Ann further reports that the OS shows the C: drive is out of space despite having plenty of space recently. Ann claims she not downloaded anything. The security team obtains the laptop and begins to investigate, noting the following: File access auditing is turned off. When clearing up disk space to make the laptop functional, files that appear to be cached web pages are immediately created in a temporary directory, filling up the available drive space. All processes running appear to be legitimate processes for this user and machine. Network traffic spikes when the space is cleared on the laptop. No browser is open. Which of the following initial actions and tools would provide the BEST approach to determining what is happening?

14-) A newly appointed Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has completed a risk assessment review of the organization and wants to reduce the numerous risks that were identified. Which of the following will provide a trend of risk mitigation?

15-) Which of the following is MOST closely related to the concept of privacy?

16-) A security analyst is building a malware analysis lab. The analyst wants to ensure malicious applications are not capable of escaping the virtual machines and pivoting to other networks. To BEST mitigate this risk, the analyst should use.

17-) As part of a review of modern response plans, which of the following is MOST important for an organization lo understand when establishing the breach notification period?

18-) As part of an exercise set up by the information security officer, the IT staff must move some of the network systems to an off-site facility and redeploy them for testing. All staff members must ensure their respective systems can power back up and match their gold image. If they find any inconsistencies, they must formally document the information. Which of the following BEST describes this test?

19-) Risk management wants IT to implement a solution that will permit an analyst to intercept, execute, and analyze potentially malicious files that are downloaded from the Internet. Which of the following would BEST provide this solution?

20-) A security team identified some specific known tactics and techniques to help mitigate repeated credential access threats, such as account manipulation and brute forcing. Which of the following frameworks or models did the security team MOST likely use to identify the tactics and techniques'?