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CompTIA Security+ Exam SY0-601 ( 5 )

Welcome to your CompTIA Security+ Exam SY0-601 ( 5 )

1-) A company's Chief Information Office (CIO) is meeting with the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to plan some activities to enhance the skill levels of the company's developers. Which of the following would be MOST suitable for training the developers'?

2-) Which of the following BEST describes the MFA attribute that requires a callback on a predefined landline?

3-) Which of the following refers to applications and systems that are used within an organization without consent or approval?

4-) The lessons-learned analysis from a recent incident reveals that an administrative office worker received a call from someone claiming to be from technical support. The caller convinced the office worker to visit a website, and then download and install a program masquerading as an antivirus package. The program was actually a backdoor that an attacker could later use to remote control the worker's PC. Which of the following would be BEST to help prevent this type of attack in the future?

5-) The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of an insurance company received an email from Ann, the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), requesting a transfer of $10,000 to an account. The email states Ann is on vacation and has lost her purse, containing cash and credit cards. Which of the following social-engineering techniques is the attacker using?

6-) A security engineer needs to implement an MDM solution that complies with the corporate mobile device policy. The policy states that in order for mobile users to access corporate resources on their devices the following requirements must be met: • Mobile device OSs must be patched up to the latest release • A screen lock must be enabled (passcode or biometric) • Corporate data must be removed if the device is reported lost or stolen Which of the following controls should the security engineer configure? (Select TWO)

7-) Which of the following is a team of people dedicated testing the effectiveness of organizational security programs by emulating the techniques of potential attackers?

😎 A remote user recently took a two-week vacation abroad and brought along a corporate-owned laptop. Upon returning to work, the user has been unable to connect the laptop to the VPN. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason for the user's inability to connect the laptop to the VPN? (Select TWO).

9-) A security engineer needs to Implement the following requirements: • All Layer 2 switches should leverage Active Directory tor authentication. • All Layer 2 switches should use local fallback authentication If Active Directory Is offline. • All Layer 2 switches are not the same and are manufactured by several vendors. Which of the following actions should the engineer take to meet these requirements? (Select TWO).

10-) After consulting with the Chief Risk Officer (CRO). a manager decides to acquire cybersecurity insurance for the company Which of the following risk management strategies is the manager adopting?

11-) A company has limited storage available and online presence that cannot for more than four hours. Which of the following backup methodologies should the company implement to allow for the FASTEST database restore time In the event of a failure, which being maindful of the limited available storage space?

12-) A security administrator needs to inspect in-transit files on the enterprise network to search for Pll, credit card data, and classification words. Which of the following would be the BEST to use?

13-) Which of the following BEST describes a social-engineering attack that relies on an executive at a small business visiting a fake banking website where credit card and account details are harvested?

14-) A security analyst is reviewing information regarding recent vulnerabilities. Which of the following will the analyst MOST likely consult to validate which platforms have been affected?

15-) The CSIRT is reviewing the lessons learned from a recent incident. A worm was able to spread unhindered throughout the network and infect a large number of computers and servers. Which of the following recommendations would be BEST to mitigate the impacts of a similar incident in the future?

16-) An organization suffered an outage and a critical system took 90 minutes to come back online. Though there was no data loss during the outage, the expectation was that the critical system would be available again within 60 minutes Which of the following is the 60-minute expectation an example of:

17-) A bank detects fraudulent activity on user's account. The user confirms transactions completed yesterday on the bank's website at https://www.company.com. A security analyst then examines the user's Internet usage logs and observes the following output: date; username; url;destinationport; responsecode 2020-03-01; userann; http: //www.company.org/;80;302; userann: http://www.company.org/secure_login/;80;200 2020-03-01; userann: http://www.company.org/dashboard/;80;200 Which of the following has MOST likely occurred?

18-) A security administrator has noticed unusual activity occurring between different global instances and workloads and needs to identify the source of the unusual traffic. Which of the following log sources would be BEST to show the source of the unusual traffic?

19-) A security analyst receives the configuration of a current VPN profile and notices the authentication is only applied to the IP datagram portion of the packet. Which of the following should the analyst implement to authenticate the entire packet?

20-) A university with remote campuses, which all use different service providers, loses Internet connectivity across all locations. After a few minutes, Internet and VoIP services are restored, only to go offline again at random intervals, typically within four minutes of services being restored. Outages continue throughout the day, impacting all inbound and outbound connections and services. Services that are limited to the local LAN or WiFi network are not impacted, but all WAN and VoIP services are affected. Later that day, the edge-router manufacturer releases a CVE outlining the ability of an attacker to exploit the SIP protocol handling on devices, leading to resource exhaustion and system reloads. Which of the following BEST describe this type of attack? (Choose two.)