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DevNet Associate (DEVASC) : Part 01

Welcome to your DevNet Associate (DEVASC) : Part 01

1-) Which of the following systems provides ability to branch and merge various tasks completed in isolation before they are merged into a feature or master branch while allowing engineers to work against the same code and configuration files and manage differences and conflicts in a coding system. (Choose two).

2-) Which of the following is the correct statement regarding Cisco DNA Center?

3-) Refer to the exhibit. docker network create -d bridge –subnet –gateway dockernet

4-) Which of the following network entity is a configuration item that receives IP packets that have no explicit next-hop in the routing table?

5-) Which of the following Cisco UCS elements can be XML or JSON-encoded and require an API key pair for HTTP header and a cookie for authentication? (Choose two).

6-) During the session conflict of the global lock, which NETCONF command can clear non-responsive sessions?

7-) Which of the following statement is true about Cisco Firewall?

😎 Refer to the exhibit.

1. import json
3. with open(“json_ios_xe_interfaces.json”, “r”) as json_file:
4. json_file_content = json_file.read()
5. decoded_json = json.loads(json_file_content)
7. print(decoded_json)
8. print()
9. print(type(decoded_json))

Which line of code opens file for read-only access?

9-) In Cisco, which of the following media types are supported by +restconf API resource? (Choose two).

10-) Which of the following principle is used when organizing cross-functional teams and automating the infrastructure rather than documenting it?

11-) Which DNS record indicates that a DNS zone is assigned to a specific authoritative name server along with the address of the name server.ord?

12-) Which of the following is the second and third step in the workflow of creating application using Docker tools and images? (Choose two).

13-) Which of the following is the main key difference between JSON and XML encoded data?

14-) Which of the following entity enable problems to be split into smaller and simpler groups and reduces code repetition making the code easier to read?

15-) Which approach enables applications to share share an operating system and contain their own executables, tools, libraries, code settings file?

16-) Which of the following technology enables tracking and comparison of changes in binary format files and provide access to the current code and its history?

17-) Which of the following is the description for hypthetical config:method as outlined in Cisco API reference?

18-) How can an administrator reduce manual network changes and increase consistency and scalablity of network changes in Cisco REST APIs?

20-) Which per-requisites are required when configuring DNA center API token-based authentication using Python 3.6? (Choose two).